Milenco Caravan Parts are innovative and of high-quality. A decent set of towing mirrors is one of the essential caravan items. CM Parts offer you quality, versatile and affordable options for caravan towing mirrors, but Milenco mirrors stand out amongst the rest.

Another important item for your caravan trips is an effective alarm. A good alarm is necessary for your safety when you are traveling with your family to unfamiliar places. Here at CM Parts, we stock a variety of Caravan alarms and security devices for your safety needs.

Towing Mirrors

Milenco is leading the market for Towing Mirrors since the 1990’s. This is due to the fact that Milenco has spent more time, resources and money in the development innovation of Towing mirrors than any other competing brand in the world.
Milenco has over the years continuously improved and updated its Towing Mirrors. The latest Aero Mirrors made by Milenco are extremely stable and shaped in a way to ensure you to see cars in all three lanes on the highway.

These mirrors are of high-quality. You can rely on them to give you many years of service.


Alarms are one of the most effective Milenco Caravan Parts. Milenco alarms are designed to protect you and your family when you are sleeping in the caravan. These alarms can be fitted to your caravan or motorhome for an instant warning against attempted burglary.

These alarms protect all your vulnerable doors and windows of your motorhome or caravan. Any break-in attempt by burglars will set off a loud siren deterring them to proceed with their action.