Fiamma is one of the leading companies for motorhome and caravan enthusiasts. Fiamma has built up its good reputation by manufacturing exceptional and well-engineered accessories.

Fiamma Products

Fiamma offers reliable and safe products. When you buy Fiamma Products, you can be sure of two things – dependability and good service. Therefore, they are so popular. Fiamma Products have been tested repeatedly by many happy customers.
The vast range of durable, easy to use products includes roof lights, awnings, toilets, and many others.

Fiamma awnings

Fiamma awnings are the first choice for caravan and motorhome owners. Besides offering you plenty of shade, these awnings are very easy to put up. Fiamma awnings can help you seek shelter from the rain or escape the heat – whatever your caravan adventures throw at you!
These Fiamma awnings are the perfect accessories you can get for your caravan. CM Parts offer you the best Fiamma awnings for your caravan or motorhome.

Fiamma Rooflights

Fiamma roof lights are for those who demand the best. When it comes to quality and innovation, nothing beats Fiamma roof lights. These roof lights are exceptional in terms of their elegance and functionality.

The many benefits of Fiamma roof lights make them an essential buy for many caravan owners.

In addition to being easy to use and easy to fit, Fiamma roof lights boost fuel efficiency due to their low-drag design. Moreover, these roof lights require very little regular maintenance. Fiamma has used a technological approach to develop their roof lights to offer as many benefits to the user possible.